Wooden Pens

Pre-made gifts or custom made, we are your source for all sorts of wood

products.  Wooden pens, bottle stoppers, jewelry, keepsake boxes, signs, wedding card holders, business card holders and more.

We will work with you to create that hard to find piece of furniture for that certain space. We also make small gifts like bottle stoppers, keepsake boxes, card holders for weddings and personalized cutting boards, some of which are available in our Etsy Shop  Visit our gallery to see gift examples and ideas. Custom furniture only in Detroit Metro area.

From the Passion to Create and Conserve

We specialize in small gifts for any occasion. Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, Holidays and more...........

Gifts above available at Village Fine Art Gallery at The Village of Rochester Hills.


​ and Gifts

Welcome to our material, gift and wedding shop!

We sell a variety of materials for wood turners and woodworkers in out Etsy Shop  Much of these materials are reclaimed or rescued from the wood pile or forest floor.  We also sell exotic woods, but none are on the CITES index of endangered species.

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Tel: +1.248.421.5852 Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm 

Custom Woodworking , Woodworking Materials and Laser Engraving

 Rochester Hills, Michigan

About Us

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 Wedding Signs and Cutting Boards 


‣  Laser Engraved Signs and Gifts

As a passionate woodworker as well as someone who believes in the conservation of our natural resources, I constantly struggle with the need to create and desire to conserve.  To meet those needs, I started reclaiming a lot of my materials from pallets, logs destined for the fireplace and dead falls in the woods.  Not to say..............

We now offer custom laser engraving on cutting boards and other gifts.  We can create personalized signs for weddings and graduations to your specifications, or engrave wedding and groomsmen gifts. Please see our gallery above for examples.


 Personalized Antler Mounting Plaques


‣  Wedding Card Bird Houses

We are a small wood working business based in Rochester Hills, Michigan. We make custom furniture, woodworking materials and small gifts.  We also offer custom laser engraving on wood and glass products for weddings, graduations,  businesses and personalized gifts.


 Ear Rings and Necklaces

‣  Materials for Woodworkers